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10 Best Fishing Rod Review- A Complete Guide for Beginner

Best Fishing Rod Review 2020

Fishing rods are nowadays a must-have item for any fisher who loves to fish. However, the different fishing rod has several capabilities that a true fisherman may need or not. For that reason, many people find it hard to find out the finest fishing rod available in the market.

If you are one of those who want a decent fishing rod for the fishing experience, I have come with my favorite 10 best fishing rod reviews that have smart features, quality, durability and reasonable price. If you are interested, Let’s check them out! Fishing Sync Help you find best fishing equipment

Top 10 Best Fishing Rod Review

  • Okuma Rockaway Light Weight Carbon Saltwater Surf Rod.
  • Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rod
  • Okuma NTx-C-703MH Nomad Express Casting Rod
  • Lamiglas X-11 Cork Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Rod
  • Shimano Tiralejo 2-Piece Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Shimano Trevala Casting Rod
  • St. Croix Mojo Inshore Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod with Split-Grip Cork Handle
  • Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rod
  • Abu Garcia Bus Rod Bait Classics 682M Fishing Rod
  • Penn Squadron II Inshore Fishing Rod

Finding the coolest fishing rod is quite hard if you are a newbie or new to this thing. Some brands provide good features yet cost more while others are cheap but not good in quality. Don’t panic, I have spent hours and found 10 best fishing rod reviews. Let’s check them out:

Okuma Rockaway Light Weight Carbon Saltwater Surf Rod Best Fishing Rod

My first best fishing rod review is the Okuma Rockaway rod that comes with amazing features and lures rating of 1-4 oz. it on top comes with great quality that feels really good when fishing saltwater species. Yet, here are some key features of this fishing rod that you want to know:

Great Weight Capacity

The fishing rod comes with an amazing weight capacity as it is lighter in design with lines weight up to 12-25 lbs. It also allows you to catch mid-size fishes with no trouble of break or fewer weight capacities. This thing also allows you to fish in saltwater.

Amazing Durability

It on top comes with amazing durability as it is made out of carbon fiber that lasts for a good time. This fishing rod also makes sure you are freely fishing with no fear of crack or break out snags.

Long in Length

This fishing rod is 10 inches in length for users to bait no matter which style they want to. Even though this fishing rod is made for saltwater species, its long length helps to catch most species easily. 


  • This fishing rod is light in weight.
  • It is quite sensitive to respond quickly.
  • The fishing rod is great in quality and features.
  • One of the coolest picks for lucky craft lures.
  • The brand gives client service is excellent.


  • Unfortunately, they feel heavy on hand.

Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rod another Best Fishing Rod

Another best fishing rod review that you should check for using in freshwater is the Okuma Battle Cat rod. It also appears with amazing anglers for professional fishers to enjoy better inherent power and access. Yet, here are some key features of this fishing rod you should know:

Amazing Hand Grip

This spinning rod handgrip is made of EVA material that makes sure better comfort for users to fish easily. It as well as makes sure you are getting additional ease to your hand when casting or waiting. The cork rear handgrip also makes sure no binding in rod holders for cozy fishing.

Wonderful Ring Foot

It as well as comes with an amazing double-ring foot that is actually welded with stainless steel guides. This ring foot actually doesn’t result in rust or corrosion for you to enjoy with lasting value. It also makes sure no trouble when contacting with water or heat. 

Brilliant Construction

Want to know the finest part? This fishing rod on top comes with brilliant construction that is made of the best high stability components for you to use it for a long-term period. It also makes sure amazing responses and sustains for using daily with no built snag.


  • The fishing rod appears with amazing backbone power.
  • It results in great sensitivity at the tip when fishes nibble.
  • A great option for big channels.
  • The fishing rod is great in performance and quality.
  • It appears at a decent price point.


  • Sadly, it is hard for storage.

Okuma NTx-C-703MH Nomad Express Best Casting Rod

The Okuma NTx-C-703MH is known as the coolest casting rod for any skill lever fisher to use it on fishing. It also comes with line weight up to 30-60 lbs for pulling medium size fishes with no snag. Yet, here are some key features that you want to check out:

Stronger Casting Material

This casting rod is super strong and long-lasting for its amazing construction made of tough graphite. It also makes sure you are casting fishes with no-snag of quality problems. This as well as makes sure you are having better durability or strength even for years.

Brilliant 3 Section Design

It as well as come with 3 section rod blank that allows you to break down its part to carry when traveling. Unlike any fishing rod, this Best fishing rod comes with an easy break low part design for users to hold it easily.

Good Line Weight Capacity 

This fishing rod on top comes with brilliant line weight capacity for up to 30-60 lbs. It also makes sure you are carrying most mid-size fishes with no trouble. This thing on top makes sure you are easily angling and baiting no matter which mid-size fishing species you target. 


  • It is really easy to travel with.
  • The fishing rod is very responsive to catch fishes.
  • Great fishing rod for the price range.
  • The fishing rod is super strong and beefy.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time. 


  • A few people find the fishing rod not good in quality.

Lamiglas X-11 Cork Salmon & Steelhead Best Fishing Rod

Among the best fishing rod review, the Lamiglas X-11 Cork is the best pick for salmon fishing. It on top comes in medium power, 1/4-3/4 lures weight, and 6-15 line weight for trying float, drift, or spinner fishing. Yet, here are some key features that you need to check out:

Versatile Casting Rod

This fishing rod on top comes in great design for fishers to enjoy versatility to fish in any style. It is also light in weight and stronger in design for you to enjoy salmon and steelhead species easily. This thing also allows you to catch most fishes for its strong rod construction. 

Top Quality Ring Guide

It on top comes with an optimal quality ring guide made out of stainless steel and chrome materials. The fishing rod ring guides also make sure you are using it for most of the fishing conditions at ease. It as well as make sure you are placing the fishing tools in the right place.   

Amazing Replacement Benefit

The brand on top comes with 1 year of quality assurance for their users to enjoy a good replacement. Also, they make sure their buyers are happy with the quality and features of the purchased ones. Plus, the client service form this brand is excellent.


  • It is really comfortable to cast flexibly in the pond.
  • The fishing rod comes at a good price point.
  • It appears with an amazing pole for fish easily.
  • The fishing rod is light in weight.
  • It gives a good balance when fishing in the fish pool.


  • Some people find trouble with the screws of it.

Shimano Tiralejo 2-Piece Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

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One brand that is hard not to mention is none other than the Shimano that comes with the Tiralejo model for PowerPro Line. It is on top tested for up to 40 to 65 lbs weight so that you can bait freely. Yet, here are some key features of this finish rod that you want to know:

Amazing Fishing Power 

This fishing rod on top comes with an amazing power of carrying big fishes which is basically carry for up to 3 to 6 oz. It as well as makes sure you are holding fish’s weight with no-snag of bulky feel. This thing also allows you to hold the weight of fishes easily.

Good Rod Length 

It as well as comes with great rod length for you to dig deeper easily. This fishing rod also comes with 5.5 inches foregrip length and 23 inches rear grip length. It on top makes sure you are fishing for long-distance casts. Plus, this fishing rod makes sure better fishing skills.

Wonderful Fishing Rod Frame

This fishing rod on top is made of a strong and tough stainless frame with Alconite insert. It as well as makes sure you are not having snag of rust or resistance snag. This fishing rod on top makes sure long-term usage benefits. 


  • The fishing rod is great for casting in a long space.
  • It is light in weight and comfortable to cast.
  • One of the finest picks for surf fishing.
  • The fishing rod comes with 7 guides.
  • It comes with an amazing price point.


  • Sadly, it doesn’t come with return benefits.

Shimano Trevala Best Casting Rod

Another mention of the Shimano brand that comes with the Trevala model that has amazing design and durability. It on top comes with amazing butterfly jigs that make sure good speed for you to bait easily. Yet, here are some key features of this best casting rod that you want to check:

Great Rod Sensitivity

This fishing rod on top comes with an amazing sensibility for its high carbon fiber material construction. It as well as makes sure you are getting better responses when a fish come close to your fishing rod. This thing also ensures fast upturn and better reactive to catch fish easily. 

Amazing Material Finish

It is also built with reinforced with aluminum oxide guides that make sure smother and tough finish. It also polished with a smooth finish for you to feel a smoother surface when holding the rod.  

Water Resistance Benefits

This fishing rod is prepared with cozy EVA foam rubber grips that make sure water-resistance ability. It as well as makes sure you don’t get worn out, rust, or heat damage. 


  • It appears with user-friendly setups and comfortable to use.
  • The fishing rod is good for big size tune. 
  • Good pick for the price point.
  • It is very sensitive and light in weight.
  • The fishing rod comes with strong and durable. 


  • Most people don’t like fishing rod quality.

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod with Split-Grip Cork Handle

The St. Croix Mojo Inshore Graphite Spinning rod is a great pick for anglers who want good performance at a reasonable price. This fishing rod on top comes with great options such as light, durable, and reactive. Yet, here are some key aspects of this fishing rod that you should know:

Amazing Split Grip Handle

This fishing rod comes with a comfortable split-grip handle for users to hold it for spinning fishing. It as well as makes sure you are getting a firm grip when fishing for catching the fishes. 

Good Rod Features

It on top comes with good features such as 7 inches length, MH power with fast action. This fishing rod also comes with 10 to 20 lbs line weight with 5.6 oz capacity of fish weight.

Brilliant Warranty Service

The brand also comes with a brilliant 5 years of warranty service for users to enjoy good restore and replace benefits. They also make sure you are getting good client service for getting advice. On top, they make sure their buyers are satisfied with the purchase.


  • The brand comes with quality assurance for replacement.
  • It comes with great sensitivity and power.
  • A great option for catfish fishing.
  • The fishing rod is lightweight to cast all day long.
  • It is good in quality and durability.


  • A few peoples don’t like the looks.

Abu Garcia Veritas Best Spinning Rod

The Abu Garcia Veritas spinning rod comes with amazing design and quality for any anglers to try out. It on top comes at a good price point with a great feel on hand to comfortably catch the fishes. Yet, here are some key features of this fishing rod that you want to check out:  

Light in Weight

This fishing rod is on top light in weight for users to hold it for a longer time when fishing. It as well as made out of 30 tons graphite material that makes sure you are getting better strength with no heavy feel.

Amazing Hoop Strength 

On top of that, it is designed with multi-layered armor with strong fibers that make sure you are getting hoop strength. This fishing rod also makes sure it stray long with you for a longer time.

Comfortable to Hold

This fishing rod also comes with UP ratcheting reel seat that makes sure a relaxed and safe fit. It also makes sure you are waiting patiently in the pond with no tire or stress on the hand.


  • The fishing rod comes with good flexibility.
  • It is stronger and durable for long-term usage.
  • The fishing rod is light in weight for easy fishing.
  • It is comfortable on hand for fishing.
  • A great option for the well-balanced and powerful. 


  • Many people don’t find the screws beefy. 

Abu Garcia Bus Rod Bait Classics 682M Best Fishing Rod

The Abu Garcia Bus Rod Bait Classics 682M is a good option for anyone who wants a lighter weight and good sensitivity. It on top comes with great power and durability for any people to fish for a good time. Yet, here are some key features of this fishing rod that you need to know: Best Fishing rods for Bass

Amazing Design 

This fishing rod on top comes with amazing glass composite design that makes sure you are getting better torque support. It also makes sure you are getting higher stability and control. 

Strong and Durable Frame 

It is as well as designed out of a strong and durable titanium frame guide that makes sure comfort feels on hand when holding. This thing also makes sure to reduce weight and add strength to the rod.

Brilliant KR Guide 

This fishing rod on top comes with a KR guide concept that makes sure better line rattling. It also makes sure better accuracy and power for users to fishing easily.


  • The fishing rod comes with a durable design.
  • It doesn’t feel like bulky even for long hours.
  • The client service is very helpful for getting advice.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The finishing rod is comfortable and light on hand.


  • Not a good pick for daily use.

Penn Squadron II Inshore Best Fishing Rod

The last yet not least mention is the Penn Squadron II Inshore Fishing Rod that has good looks, smart features, and fast action. It actually comes with a shorter and smoother looking fishing rod that is good to use on inshore fishing. Yet, here are a few aspects you want to check:  

Good Double Foot Guide 

This fishing reel comes with a double foot guide that makes sure no breakage or resistance snag. It also appears with 7 guides and top. 

Great Line Ratting

It on top comes with 15-30 lbs line rating that makes sure a higher load when casting on the pond. This thing aloes result in better fishing.

Amazing Handle Design

This fishing rod handle is made of EVA material that makes sure cozy and light feel. It is also cozy to hold for long hours. 


  • A great pick for the artificial lures.
  • It is comfortable and good for fishing.
  • The fishing rod lasts for a long-term period.
  • It is heavy in weight to pull out bigger fishes.
  • The fishing rod is short and stiff.


  • A few people don’t find the price reasonable.

Factors to Consider for the Best Fishing Rod 

After checking the best fishing rod review, you definitely want to learn how to choose your desired one. For that, the following aspects will help you find the right fishing rod for yourself:

Design and Material Matters

The first thing that matters the most is the design and material that has been used on a fishing rod. You want to check them before picking one for yourself. 

Most of the time fishing rods are made out of fiberglass, graphite, carbon fiber, and multi-material composites. Here a short sneak peeks of all materials that are used on the most fishing rod. 

Fiberglass Material 

Among all, the fiberglass material is the most popular that has been used for over 50 years ago. The fishing rods made out of fiberglass usually come at a cheaper price than other materials.

For price benefits, they are usually weaker than others. As fiberglass materials are not thicker than other material that makes it weaker. However, at this price range, it is a plus point. They are also great for trolling and comfortable to hold. 

Some fisher likes them for its lightweight feel and easy to hold design that makes sure trouble-free fishing. They are also great for movement and natural arrangement than the other types. 

Even though they are weak, the fiberglass materials are tough to last for a good while. Unlike graphite and carbon fiber, they are super strong. 

Graphite Material

The graphite materials are actually a part of carbon fiber. However, the carbon fibers are not a part of graphite. I know it is a bit confusing, so you want to dig deeper to understand well. 

You see, the graphite materials are an older version material that is a bit weaker than carbon fiber. They are also cheaper in price point. However, graphite materials are not cheaper than fiberglass. 

Unlike carbon fiber, the graphite is actually made out of pure carbon with no chemical process. Yet, the graphite is really light in weight and responsive than the fiberglass. They are also easy to handle and maintain. 

Carbon Fiber Material 

Carbon fiber materials are really a better version of graphite. Just like its name, carbon fibers are made out of pure carbon with deep chemical processes to modify them. They are light in weight and comfortable to hold than the graphite.

The carbon fiber materials are much more responsive and flexible than graphite. Unfortunately, they do have some bad sides too. The carbon fiber is weaker and brittle especially when they are in cold conditions.

But, they come with higher strength and won’t break when using in a normal state. The carbon fiber materials are also great for flexible yet it will break if you squeeze it.

Composites Material 

The composites materials are actually a blend of 2 or 3 different fabrics that makes them stronger and thicker. For its mixture of different materials, it stands tall with different benefits.

You see, if one material has the goodness of 2 or more materials with a blending process, they would last longer just like the composites material. This thing also makes them less weak than other materials.

Unlike fiberglass, graphite, and carbon material, they tend to stand tall in both cold and normal conditions. They are mostly made out of carbon fiber, plastic resin, and other synthetic materials that make then incredible strength.

However, as the composites are made of double and more layers with different materials, they are expensive than others. This is the one thing that considers as its drawback. However, for their strong and brawny strength, the price range is reasonable.  

Control & Weight Facts

The next thing you want to think of in your selected fishing rod is its power and weight. The simple theory is you’ll find more control in a weighty fishing rod. There are 3 types of fishing rod weights such as ultralight or light, medium, and heavy power. 

Ultralight or Light Weight  

The fishing rod that is light or ultralight in weight provides better control for you to achieve any fishing style easily. Ultralight or lightweight fishing rods are good for freshwater fishing species. The light fishing rod also makes sure better flexibility and responses when fishing in a pond.

It also gives better baiting power and control when the fish start to eat. On top of that, the lighter one also helps you fishing in peace with no heavy feel on your hand. They mostly lift up to 8 pounds of weight to carry easily. However, the lighter one also breaks easily.

Medium Weight

The medium-weighted fishing rod care wonderful option for both smaller saltwater fishing and heavier freshwater species. Even though they are not good in responses, yet the medium fishing rods are extremely good for versatility.

They are better than the lighter ones when it comes to moderate weedy cover. The medium one should lift up no more than 20 pounds.

Heavy Weight

The heavyweight fishing rods are much beneficial for lifting the heavier species such as tuna, sailfish, or gar. For its heavyweight, the fishing rod helps to lift up any big species from the underwater.

They are also durable to drag or bait comfortably. However, they are a bit uncomfortable to hold for a while. Most of the heavyweight fishing rod can line up to 150 pounds.

Rod & Cast Length Matters

A good fishing rod should appear in a good length to bait easily. The longer the rod and cast length actually help your terminal tackle accelerates.

As a general rule, the length of the fishing rod should be longer to find better support and control over species. Also, longer fishing rods help you to cast easily.

Even though the longer rods are god choice, it has downsides too. For its long length, it needs more room to cast on fishing. Also, you want to test first in an open place to practice casting.  

Ring Foot Style

Another thing you want to check for picking the right fishing rod is the ring foot. You see, the thicker single-foot guide rings are a better option than the double-foot guide one. So, based on your desire, check them, and then pick one.

Ring Liners Facts

The last thing you want to check is the ring liners before picking a fishing rod. Ring liners should be strength and rust-free to cast easily with no snag.

Mostly, the ring liners are made of alco-lite, nano-lite, titanium oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and other materials too. So, check them before picking one.

What Are the Benefits of a Fishing Rod?

There are many benefits of fishing rods which makes them amazing as a fishing tool. The fishing rods actually last for a good while that gives full support to fish in modern style. On top of that, they help your fishing style by giving you a lot of adjustments to assembler and control better. 

For a fishing freak, the fishing rods are great that provides comfort to hold the rod for a long hour. They are also great for you to fish in both shallow and deep water pond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the decent price of the fishing rod?

Typically, a fishing rod with good features and durability should price no more than $50 to $130. Based on the different quality states, you can achieve a fishing rod in the different price ranges. Yet, the higher price one is better than a cheaper fishing rod. 

How long a fishing rod lasts?

You see, a good quality fishing rod lasts for many years. It actually can last for 80 years if you take care and maintain it rightly. Basically, the fishing rod doesn’t wear out for decades so it lasts long.


In the end, you want to pick a good and handy fishing rod with lots of positive features for you to use it on a daily basis. However, finding everything perfect is actually hard especially if your budget is tight. So, you want to pick the finest one at the rate you want to invest in.

Another thing you want to do when checking the fishing do is to read out all the product description to understand the feature. Also, try doing some research on the fishing rod. You can also read the comment section to learn the pros and cons easily.  Therefore, I hope this guide about the best fishing rod review with buyers guide helped you learning details and hope you try out the mentioned products. Done reading? Go get one!

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