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10 Best Portable Fish Finder 2020 Review & Buying Guide

Best Portable Fish Finder

Fishing requires you a lot of patience. As long as you have the best portable fish finder, it is sure that you can increase your chances of a good catch. With this, you don’t have to wait longer for the fish to take the bait. 

Portable devices like these operate using sonar technology to detect the possibility of fish in an area. Amazingly, these can help you navigate your boat for a higher catch. Since they are portable, they won’t give you a hassle for mounting. Their sizes vary, and some may even fit in your pocket.

In this article, we’ll tackle 10 of the best choices to narrow down your considerations for a fish finder. We will review them by features, accuracy, and convenience. Hopefully, you can make up your mind and choose the right device for you. There is so much to talk about, so let’s get started!  

10 Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews

Best Portable Fish Finder

These ten Best portable fish finders have pleasing features and very much convenient on a fishing trip. You’d have a lot of essential choices to choose from based on your level of standards!

10 Best Fish Finder 2020 list

  1. Humminbird  PIRANHAMAX 4 PT Fish Finder
  2. Lowrance FishHunter 3D – Portable Fish Finder 
  3. Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit
  4. Deeper PRO Wi-Fi Smart Sonar GPS Portable Fish Finder 
  5. Lucky Portable Fish Finder Sonar Sensor Wireless
  6. LUCKY Portable Fish Finder Transducer Sonar Sensor
  7. LUCKY Portable Fish Finder Wired & Wireless Fishing Sonar
  8. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color
  9. Vexilar SonarPhone with Transducer Pod
  10. Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer GPS Fishfinder

1.Humminbird  PIRANHAMAX 4 PT Fish Finder

First on the list is a portable fish finder by Humminbird. It comes with a 4.3-inch display that gives you a great viewpoint on what’s below. This fish finder has a tilt and swivels mount to help you adjust your viewing area angle.  

The device has a dual-beam sonar to choose from a narrow and wide beam for a functional coverage area. Indeed, it’s simple-looking, yet you can twitch it around with fish and depth alarms. For sure, this model can accurately locate fish spots in a way that you would easily understand. 

Although it may be a bit behind and lagging at times, it is still giving a good taste of a fight. You can even fiddle around and zoom it, thereby providing you a more tailored experience.

Another added feature of this device is that it has a dual-beam sonar. The function just means that you can either choose a narrow or wide sonar beam. If you opt for the former choice, you will have a broader perspective of the surface below. Otherwise, the device will merely obtain information on what’s near to you.

This fish finder also comes with a portable carrying case. With this, you are sure to protect the device against any events that may lead to its breakage. Also, it makes it easier for you to carry on your fishing trips and adventures. 

Much more, this product also comes with a suction cup transducer, 7 AMP battery, and a charger. And obviously, it is waterproof, thereby adding to its durability and longevity. Given all of these features, you can never go wrong when choosing this device.


  • Works with a dual-beam sonar sensor
  • Has a tilt and swivels mount
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Entirely waterproof and water-resistant 
  • Equipped with fish alarms and depth alarms


  • No GPS system
  • Lacks down imaging

2.Lowrance FishHunter 3D – Portable Fish Finder 

Now let’s talk about this amazing unit from Lowrance– a device that can give you a three-dimensional view of fish locations. It may be pricier than any other fishfinders, but it is worth every penny. 

With this invention, you can have a look at the bottom’s contour and structure, just perfect for anglers who fish in banks, docks, and onshore. Also, this gadget allows you to access a fish finder application on your phone. 

For sure, you can get the job done with ease and convenience. A data connection is not required to connect the device and the smartphone or tablet computer. Also, you don’t need an internet connection just to access the free application. Thanks to the five tri-frequency transducers the device comes with.

The unit’s application log caches and waypoints. Luckily, you can even follow your friends and watch live streams through its free application available on iOS and Android. 

Without a doubt, this product is the best portable fish finder for bank fishing that enables you to create custom maps of your favorite fishing spots or an entire lake area. It is integrated with a LED light, so you can certainly use it during early morning or night fishing trips. 

Much more, you can also have multiple fishing views. With this, you can quickly check the depth and find fish using either the directional casting view or the ice fishing view. Due to the transmission of sonar data to your mobile device, it gives you a quick and reliable fish finder gadget you can have anywhere. 


  • Displays a 3D fishing experience
  • Gives you a directional casting
  • Logs waypoints
  • Tri-frequency coverage
  • Access downloadable fish finder application


  • The plastic transducer may not be the most durable

3.Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

If you are a professional fisherman or angler that wants to step up your fishing game, this fish finder portable kit may be a good option for you. Well, it is a compact device equipped with improved features and functionalities, just perfect for fishing in a kayak or a canoe. 

This fish finder provides a very high level of clarity of images and fish details through the CHIRP sonar technology. Because of the smooth graphics it possesses, you can certainly have great imagery when switching on different depth-range scales anytime and anywhere.

Much more, the device has an integrated GPS. Perhaps, using this navigational tool during fishing is a big bonus. With this scanner, you can check the location of the fish and, at the same time, see your geographical position. It can even allow you to create and customize paths and mark spots, boat ramps, and banks.

As an added bonus, this product has a sonar history rewind. Through this feature, you will be able to scroll back through past sonar images to mark your waypoints. 

Also, this product comes with a portable carrying case, tilt and swivel mount and transom, trolling motor mounting kit, and battery for a better add on for your purchase. 

Given all of these features, the Garmin’s gadget is surprisingly affordable. For all you know, this product is the most reasonably priced gadget on the market today. Without a doubt, this handheld device can make your trip more productive, with more fish catching the bait. 


  • Comes with an integrated GPS
  • The device includes waypoint maps
  • Incorporated with CHIRP Sonar technology
  • Waterproof of IPX7 system
  • With a good quality transducer


  • Has limited networking options

4.Deeper PRO Wi-Fi Smart Sonar GPS Portable Fish Finder 

The next device on the list is a wireless fishfinder with built-in GPS from Depper. With its unique versatility, it is undeniably suitable for shore and ice fishing through a kayak or boat. Using this will also allow you to know the water temperature as well as the structure underwater and bottom contour. 

It is a device that is small in size but can even fit in the palm of your hand. For sure, you will have optimum convenience when you opt for this. Also, it comes with a dual-beam scanner for ease of adjustments, making it perfect for accessing shallow and deep water. 

The scanner can also provide 15 scans per second, which only means that the device ensures your speed. Not only that, but you can also get a very clear image of the surface of the water underneath you. 

Moreover, this device has a built-in GPS, allowing you to create custom maps and free access to the Lake Book. Since it is a small Best portable fish finder, it would be a perfect pair to your smartphone. Unfortunately, the device does not indicate how deep the fish spot is. But it will give you a rough position of where the fish are. 

With its dual-beam technology, you can have options- whether you want to have a broader or narrower scan during a fishing trip.  Another great feature of this fish finder is that it has a fantastic management platform where you can save or retrieve your scans and additional maps. 

Also, the battery life of this Smart sonar fish finder can last for up to 8 hours. So probably you would like to have it fully charged before leaving your house for a fishing trip. These battery specs are just right for half a day of your journey. 


  • Highest specification castable sonar
  • Has a built-in GPS 
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Uses dual beam sonar technology
  • Maps out water depth for shore fishing


  • Battery life is not the best for the fish finder
  • Inability to read in shallow water

5.Lucky Portable Fish Finder Sonar Sensor Wireless

Another device that is worth considering is this wireless sonar fish finder from Lucky. Well, it is designed for both amateur and professional fishers out there. 

There is no doubt that this device is the best wireless portable fish finder on sale. With this, you can follow through your needs for bank fishing, shore fishing, ice fishing, sea fishing, and kayak fishing. 

Yes, this may come in a smaller size compared to other units, but is ideal in terms of transportation. Much more, two small holes are added on the sonar sensor, allowing you to tether with your fishing line and cast it on the water as far as you wish it to be.

It comes with a 2.2 inches clear LCD and 120m operating range. These features allow it to function as a wireless transducer. With its comprehensive and clear display, it is sure to show you detailed and tailored data on your fishing trip. 

Furthermore, this gadget can detect water temperature, water depth, sensitivity, zoom range, fish icon, and bottom contour. There is also a LED backlight that allows the user to read even at night time. 

Also, it supports 90 degrees of sonar sensor detect angle. At the same time, this fish finder has a depth detection range of 0.7m to 45m. Given these functions, it only requires 4 AAA alkaline batteries for it to operate, with a battery life of up to 550 hours in water usage. 

More amazingly, this unit has a built-in selectable water temperature and water depth feature. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. It means that you would have to watch out for sudden splashes of water and strong winds; these circumstances may break your device if not taken care of properly.


  • Wireless 
  • Built-in memory that stores sonar settings
  • Detects water temperature and water depth
  • Lightweight and small in size


  • The device is not waterproof nor water-resistant. 

6.LUCKY Portable Fish Finder Transducer Sonar Sensor  

This is another product from LUCKY that is included in our list as one of the best portable fish finders today. It has a 2.4 inch TFT color LCD screen with two user modes — namely wireless and simulation. With this, you can track the water depth, underwater contour, and water temperature. 

Much more, it is a wireless sonar transducer device that comes with an attractive lamp, thereby reducing the burden of detecting fishes in an area. The transducer sensor is yellow and has two light beams at the bottom to attract fish. 

Since it has a transparent replacement cover, you can still see the sensor even if it’s not bright, suppose you fish in the night. Well, you can go fishing in different ways- river fishing, ice fishing, sea fishing, shore fishing, etc. This device is sure to help you with all that. 

Investing in this fish finder is definitely worth it, given all its features. Amazingly, this product provides high sensitivity, set screen brightness, make 200m depth alarm and fish alarm, and perform zoom. Not to mention, you can alter units and choose a language.

This device also includes a USB cable for charging. Both the fish finder and the sonar are rechargeable. So you would just have to find a charging station whenever the battery drains. The handheld fish finder has a battery life span of up to 4 hours in full charge, and the sonar sensor can last 10 hours, also with a full charge. 


  • High sensitivity for a faster detection
  • Has built-in fish alarms and depth alarms
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Very much suited for night fishing


  • Can cause an error in detection
  • Cannot show plants and stumps

7.LUCKY Portable Fish Finder Wired & Wireless Fishing Sonar 

Undeniably, it is one of the best portable fish finders on sale, featuring wired and wireless mode. This product is incredibly the most advanced gadget on sale as it allows you to scan widely, thereby giving you more detailed data for your fishing needs. 

The handheld device is one of the finest portable fishing finders for a small boat — suitable for kayaking or fishing by boat. This device comes with a battery that is rechargeable. It’s a versatile tool that is sure to improve your catch. And there’s no doubt about that since the device already established itself over the years.

Another great feature of this fish finder is that you can adjust the sensitivity, fish alarms, and fish icons on display. Also, the 2.8 inch LCD is furnished with three-color tones, allowing you to adjust whichever you feel the most suited for your eyesight. 

Much more, a narrow and wide scanning is made possible based on your unique and different fishing styles. For sure, you can use this for shore fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing, and kayak fishing. 

Moreover,  the depth capability of this device is 100m if wired and 45m if wireless. The power comes from a 3.7 rechargeable battery; the full charge capacity can work for up to 10 hours for continuous fresh and saltwater fishing.


  • The device can either be wired or wireless.
  • Has 3 color tones: blue, red, and gray
  • More profound depth capability
  • Has 45 degrees beam angle if wired and 90 degrees beam angle if wireless


  • Does not have the standard threaded mount

8.HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color 

This portable fish finder from HawkEye is made especially for experienced fishers. It can provide you an HD Virtuview TFTN display that ensures full-color so you can obtain more explicit images. 

Even though it is not equipped with a screen, you’re sure to have optimum functionality. It’s also a cheap portable fish finder that comes with three operating modes — including fishfinder, data, and ice-mode digital flasher. 

With these features, there’s no wonder why this product is an excellent choice for your purchase. Let’s discuss more of its features. First, the fish finder mode identifies the availability of fish, bottom contour and composition, and the overall depth of water by HD. 

Next is the data mode, which helps enlarge depth and temperature so it will be easier for you to read from a few feet away with the fish finder still running in the background. And lastly, the ice-mode digital flasher can give you real-time sonar echoes, ideal for tracking trapped fish while you are on ice fishing. 

Much more, this device has a dual-beam FishTrax intelligent sonar sensor. Since the results have fine-tuning, it can certainly adapt to any fishing style, especially to suit your preference. The sonar sensor allows you to change the keys so that you can adjust to any fishing platforms or technique you want to perform.  

Well, this fish finder is engineered mainly for skilled fishermen due to its more advanced functionality. The level of sensitivity adjustment is at 100 with multi-level depth ranges and auto-zoom bottom sea tracking. 

With the integrated depth and fish alarms, prey targeting is enhanced. For sure, given all of these qualities, you can never go wrong when you opt for this product. It will definitely level up your fishing game. 


  • Equipped with the FishTrax intelligent sonar
  • Displays HD color display with LED backlight
  • Made with durability in mind
  • Very affordable in price
  • Can connect the device comfortably on Wi-Fi


  • Low sensitivity

9.Vexilar SonarPhone with Transducer Pod

Next in line is this product from Vexilar, included in the list due to its top-notch features. Yes, it has no display or controller. But, you can use your smartphone or tablet computer to act as the display for it. 

On that thought, this can allow you to save an amount of money without compromising its functionality. Much more, it comes with a powerful transducer that allows you to change the sonar sensor’s angle by 40 degrees. 

Using this permits you to take advantage of an overlay so that you can zoom in and out. Also, smooth magnification is made possible. And it is beneficial to use, especially on areas that you find interesting for your fishing trip.

The device comes with a Wi-Fi network and an integrated battery. This system is combined with a transducer pod and an underwater camera for a more comfortable fishing experience. The transducer pod can be pulled behind the boat or thrown from the shore only with a fish line for a larger catch.


  • Performs well in cold water
  • Very affordable in price
  • Free downloadable application
  • Can be connected to Wi-Fi
  • Provides optimum functionality


  • The device has only 4 hours of battery life
  • Not suitable for ice fishing

10.Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer GPS Fishfinder

Finally, for the last fish finder that deserves the spot in the list is the Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5″ GPS Fishfinder with Chirp Traditional Transducer from Garmin. Well, the brand boasts of this next generation handheld gadget, featuring a 3.5 inch LCD color display that comes with a built-in map and high sensitivity GPS receiver. 

Since it is incorporated with maps and durable design structure, there’s no doubt why it is dubbed the next level gadget. The device includes a built-in microSD card slot for additional charts. 

Also, there’s a dedicated MOB (man overboard) button, which is a feature for GPS units. When pressed, waypoints will be automatically marked at the current location.

The card slot is mainly inside the waterproof part of the device, so you do not have to worry about losing the saved data. This device is a Best portable fish finder for boaters, anglers, and fishermen who want to have the best features in the market today.

Other amazing features include a bright color map on an excellent display detail and a very high sensitivity receiver. This device is an IPX7 grade fully waterproof, and the unit even floats in water. So, having this advanced gadget would be worth the expense without disappointment.

Much more, it has a 3-axis compass, a base map, and a barometric altimeter. Not to mention, this device also offers a wireless route. There’s a waypoint sharing that you can connect with other compatible units. With this, you’re sure to have a better way to explore and analyze your fishing activities.


  • Entirely waterproof 
  • Comes with a built-in base map 
  • Has internal memory
  • For up to 20 hours of battery life of 2 AA Batteries
  • User friendly


  • The device may be pricier compared to other portable fish finders

What to Look Before Buying?

Do you want to find out what is the best portable fish finder but do not know what to get? considering a fish finder isn’t as easy as when you try to find the most convenient and accurate device for you. These are not cheap devices, so it is essential to get the best at the first purchase. 

For you to get the perfect one in the market, this part of the article will help and give you a guide on which to choose. We came up with these buying guides to lead you in your ongoing search.

Quality Transducer

A key to good readings is a high-quality and reliable transducer. The sonar that is emitted by the device lets you know if there is a presence of fish nearby. Having a low-grade transducer sensor would be worthless for your fishing experience. To get a better view, whether it is good or bad, you should look through customer reviews.


For this kind of device, considering the life span of your device’s battery life is much needed. Regardless your fish finder uses a rechargeable battery or disposable batteries, you should look for the best specifications. Be keen and careful of which to choose. 

Having 12V scanners may be cheap compared to others, but they always need to be plugged on to your boat, making it less portable, right? We would recommend getting disposable batteries that work best in the long run.

Portability and Ease of Transportation

You need to look for a unit that is handy, which means that it should be portable to take with you when you go fishing. One has to find a group that is easy to carry and has a compact design to avoid a hassle in transportation. Having more ease and convenience of use is essential for your goal is the more fish yet less waiting time.  

Display Quality and Screen Size

Will colored display and graphs help you better understand where the fish are? Do you have trouble seeing maps and need a bigger screen for more accurate results? Well, you need a great screen display for analyzing readings clearly for the best fishing experience indeed. 

By that, an investment for a quality display is a good idea rather than settling for something that’s cheaper yet not worthy of your investment. During the day fishing, you would need a screen that won’t get dark when the sun is bright up. Similar to that thought, you’d be needing a fish finder with the backlight during the night.


Since everything comes high-tech, it’s expected that this kind of device is also equipped with a more advanced technology. If so, we can expect a more comfortable and convenient scanning, thereby ensuring a good catch. 

Also, getting a fish finder that can pair up on your phone is a good investment. You can store map locations and analyze them later on with much comfort in your own homes.


To tell you, not all of these portable fish finders are waterproof. Funny, isn’t it? Transducers will always be waterproof, but the LED screens can be broken due to the water splashes. For a maximized investment, you might as well consider the waterproof factor. 


Finally, you should come up with a budget that would get you your desired unit. On lower prices, you’d have units without a GPS and connectivity. Now for pricier units, you’d have a fancier and more advanced fish finders. It is up to you for the end of it, and both would detect and find fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all of the fish finders waterproof?

Unfortunately, they are not all waterproof. Those with lower price won’t even be water-resistant. The splashing of water may destroy the device entirely. Expensive units are waterproof and water-resistant, so you better consider this factor before buying one. 

  1. What is the source of the power of fish finders?

There would be three ways: namely, rechargeable batteries, 12-Volt batteries, and disposable batteries (those like AAA)

  1. Can you tell what kind of fish is underwater using a portable fish finder?

No, you can’t. You can tell whether there is a presence of fish or none but not its kind. The sonar technology made the scanning of the underwater possible. Almost all of the fish finders would give you the fish location and fish size but cannot identify the type.

  1. Can portable fish finders do you any good?

Of course! Now, if you are unsure of the accuracy of the fish finder, you would want to read customer user reviews to help you make up your mind. Try to find updated reviews to get the best that you want!

  1. Do portable fish finders come with GPS Systems?

Some may have a GPS System, but not all. Those handheld devices with much higher costs have them. Cheaper ones are expected not to have this feature. Having a GPS will help you find fishes easier.

Final Words

You’d want to find the best portable fish finder for you on your first purchase. With this article, maximizing your investment to level up your game is so gonna happen. Whichever fish finder you choose, you’d surely find a bunch of fishes in a short period without a hassle!

Finally, I hope this guide about the Best portable fish finders review and buying guide helped you in many ways and hope you get yourself the finest one. Done reading? Go get one!

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