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Big Jon Downrigger- A Detailed Guide For Beginners

big jon downrigger

Fisherman most favorite part is the downrigger that allows enjoying the summer lake trout for fishing happily. To fish fine, you for sure need the right troll. And for that, the Big Jon downrigger will be a fine option than others. It is on top designed for most types of fishing use.

In most Big Jon downrigger manual, many people find it lovely and functional for lifetime fishing use. Not only has the Big Jon downrigger had good options but also great for commercial fishing with handy features to fish fine on a large or small lake at ease.

Now, if you are interested or planning for trying it out, you still need good details on every aspect of research. To shorten your work, I have made a long hour of research for you to easily find a detailed review of the Big Jon downrigger. Let’s check out the features:

Good-Quality Mounting Options ​

The Big Jon downrigger mounts setup is excellent for any beginner to easily mount and use well. It on top allows you to have quality parts that last longer and don’t make problems via rust or corrosion. This part also makes sure good flexibility and stability.

Not only have the Big Jon downrigger parts such as bolts, mounting plate, and a line release are good in quality but also amazing to give a nice fit for any fishing purpose.

Manual Setup

This downrigger comes with a great manual setup that allows you to turn the handle to raise or lower with a decent hand winch. It on top allows you to handle the cable and weight perfectly to adjust the angles. This manual downrigger also ensures adequate performance.

Unlike the Big Jon electric downrigger, it makes sure good control fishing feel for fly-in trips or rental boats. This downrigger on top makes sure you are getting the job done for small boats.

Excellent 20-Inch Rod Holder

The Big Jon ratcheting rod holder comes with 20 inches rod length that allows you to fish fine especially in the small lake. It on top makes sure good flexibility and stability to last longer and perform well. Generally, most Big Jon downrigger rod holders are designed to set straight back.

Amazingly, this downrigger rod is made out of aluminum that ensures good protection against water and impact. It also makes sure a good holding grip to fish fine with no slippage.

Adjustable Disc Clutch

With the anodized finish, the Big Jon downrigger clutch makes sure well adjustments to rotate at a good speed. This thing on top makes sure to avoid the snag of fiction and metal marks to smoothly function.

It as well as makes sure a fiber pad clutch system so that you find smooth workability and adjustments. This disc clutch also makes sure good spinning speed based on the requirement.

Rough & Tough Cable Setup

The Big Jon downrigger release is great for its solid cable setup made out of stainless steel to use for a long while. It on top makes sure good troll and fishing feel. On top of that, this cable is 200 feet long that allows you to easily throw at a longer distance.

And, this cable makes sure you are using at a good space with no snag of shortage.  It on top makes sure no trouble of rust even if staying in the deep or saltwater.

Sturdy Body Base

This downrigger is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum material that makes sure a longer period of time. It on top makes sure good lasting value and longevity to stand longer in any impact or water depth. To protect it, the Big Jon downrigger covers are a good option.

On top, this Big Jon downrigger base makes sure good protective and solid finish to use daily with no trouble. It also precisely machined to work fine longer.


·         It is light in weight.

·         Great option for both men and women fishers.

·         It comes with 20 inches aluminum rod.

·         This downrigger is well-made and tough for any purpose.

·         It lasts for a longer period of time.



·         Sadly, this downrigger has an expensive price point.

Big Jon Sports - The Big Water Manual

A Buying Guide on Choosing The Downrigger

After reading out the Big Jon downrigger review, you should know some facts that needed in downrigger with good quality, stability, and price point. So, here are some of the aspects you should consider:

Durability Facts

The downrigger covers are usually made out of aluminum material that makes sure strong strength against most damages. It also helps to resist rust and water damages. And, the downrigger base needs to be super strong to use on the fish. So, check that before picking one.

Ease of Usage

Another thing you want to check on the downrigger is the ease of usage. Even though your chosen downrigger is solid and good in quality, if it isn’t easy to use your money will be wasted. So, ensure your chosen downrigger is easy to use.

Manual or Electric Setup

The downrigger setup is another essential thing. The electric downrigger usually needs less muscle support and gives a good angle for big boats. On the other hand, the manual downrigger gives good control and angles for small boats.

Fishing Rod Holder

The last yet not the least thing you should notice are the rod holder. Since many brands offer different rod holders, so check that. A clamp-on rod holder is a good option too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the downrigger be?

A downrigger should have at least 20 inches dimension that makes sure you to easily fish fine in both small and medium lakes. Since big rods for small lakes aren’t good, so the downrigger dimension needs to be right.

Why need a downrigger?

You need a downrigger in fishing as it is a good way to put live bait in the right zone of water. It also makes sure good angles and helps the bait to be in the precise depth to catch fishes. To catch king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, and other fishes, the downrigger is a good tool.

Can I troll without a downrigger?

You can but not in all cases. To troll without a downrigger, you need to think about the season and lake depth & turnover. Also, it would be bad at angles and control if you troll without downriggers. 


In the end, you want to check each and everything of the Big Jon downrigger before making a decision on trying. From its features, durability, and quality to the price, you don’t want to miss these facts. So, make sure to create a good budget before checking it out.

Also, if possible, you should check some videos about this downrigger review reaction to learn better. It on top will give you good ideas of real-life like experience. You can also search online to learn the specs and specialty of this downrigger. It as well as ensures good quality.

So, I hope this guide about the Big Jon downrigger review gives good details and facts with a decent buyers guide to easily make out the right choice. And, hope this guide helps you to clear about doubts and information. Done reading? Go get it!

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