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Crappie Fishing Tips Helping Guide For Beginner

crappie fishing tips

Crappie fishing does seem simple when seeing others doing but when you try it gets harder. There are many tricks and life hacks for crappie fishing that helps to catch them easily. Yet, it does need tactics and knowledge of crappie fishing to easily get them with simple tricks.

If you are interested in learning a few tricks for making yourself pro fisher, then focus on the weather, seasons, and mostly where you are fishing. You also should check the water pond deepness or lightness before crappie fishing.

Let’s find out some crappie fishing tips:

crappie fishing tips

Patience and Plan

The first thing you’ll need when crappie fishing is patience and plan. You want a solid plan where you want to fish. In that case, you will have two choices such as deep or shallow water. No matter whether you are going to fish, fish after inserting the insect and wait until you feel the fish start eating.

Carry A Good Map of the Location Where You Are Crappie Fishing

You see, fishing needs lots of time when doing on the boat in deep water. For that reason, you want to take the map of the location where you are fishing to never get lost. It is quite helpful to understand which place has good crappie fishes.

Get Good Tools to Be Prepared

Of course, you’ll need some tools for crappie fishing that help you to carry fishes or support you when fishing. First and foremost, you need a reel, rod, sessions, tackle boxes, pocket knife and rope, and so on. 

These types of tools are quite essential that will support your crappie fishing in the best way. Besides, consider the color of bait to attract the crappies to come and get the tarp. So, make sure to carry them when fishing to catch many crappies.

Try Using Fish Finder Function with Your Boat

There are many boats with GPS trackers that help you find the fishes easily. So, if you are using these types of boats, make sure to track with the fish finder function.

Keep a Fishing Logbook When Crappie Fishing

Another effective trick that keeps you focused and gives ideas to fish like a pro is the fishing logbooks which you want to carry. Always carry this type of book that will give you strong ideas that will help to catch big crappies. This book also gives ideas about different tactics of different weather conditions.

Some Crappie Fishing Life Hacks

There are also many effective tricks of crappie fishing that works perfectly in different sessions. Usually, it needs 10% luck, the right tool, and good in-depth ideas to catch the crappies in your first shot.

Many experts suggest users use minnows than the insect for crappie fishing as these types of fishes attract well. Also, they suggest trolling in shallow water than the deep one.

However, here are some good tricks you want to check on the casting, vertical jigging, and bobbers to catch crappies easily.

Vertical Jigging Tips

Many people find vertical jigging not effective for doing it in the wrong way. However, I have some good tricks that will master you in vertical jigging. For vertical jagging, you simply want to drop the bait in a straight line so that it hits on to the bottom. It will help crappies to get trap easily.

Also, note the deepness that should be lower not more than 1 to 2 feet. In this way, the crappies will able to eat the minnows easily.

Casting Hacks

For crappie fishing, you want to learn the casting tricks too. To cast in clear water, pull your bait in the water so that it sinks to the bottom. When doing this step, try to retrieve slowly after contacting the brush. And, do the same step until you clear the brush. 

Bobbers Tricks

For the novice fishers, the bobbers trick is super hard. But not today, as I have some easy trick to make you master on it. To angle rightly, set your bobbers in the reel wire and cast normally. If any crappies are caught, these bobbers will start vibrating.also you can join some fishing club get idea

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Bait For Crappie Fishing?

The best bait for crappie fishing is minnows, worms, and insects. These species are quite good for doing crappie fishing with easy fishing benefits. When catching these insects, you don’t need to check the color of the bait to attract them. They will eventually come in the trap.

What Is The Best Month To Catch Crappie?

The finest month for doing the crappie fishing is actually depend on the fishing technique you are going to apply. If you are going to fish in the shallow pond, then the spring and fall seasons are your best bet. For the deep pond fishing, the summer and winter support better. 

How Do You Rig For Crappie Fishing?

To rig for crappie fishing, take small ball head jig and one and a half-inch grub. Then, place the grub inside the ball head and simply insert it to the head.

How Do You Catch Crappies In Early Spring?

For catching crappies in early spring, you want to do some steps. Grab a shallow brush pile and use an anchor. Cast insects with a bobber and dig in the pond to catch spring crappie. Then, just focus on the weight of the reel.


Fishing is a simple play that needs a few tricks and life hacks to try to catch the crappie with no snag. The crappies fishing also needs lots of tactics to get success. 

To understand the crappie fishing, you want to have a strong mind step and of course focus on the fishing style to catch with no snag.  You can also get some effective tricks from YouTube and online videos.

So, I hope this guide about crappie fishing tips helped you to learn good tricks and hope you are able to fish with no one’s help like a pro from now on. FishingSync try to give all fishing tips & idea Happy fishing!

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