Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack Review 2020

Fishermen’s favorite desire to get their fishing journey without missing anything can be possible with a decent fishing backpack. And, when it comes to fishing tackle backpack, the most common brand hit on our minds is the Piscifun.

The Piscifun fishing tackle backpack is actually well-known for its excellent quality, rich design, and classy features at an unbelievable price that is hard to beat. It has a loving style for any fisherman to find stuff in a few seconds to grab the item easily.

Unlike the backpack, it appears with the Piscifun outdoor fishing tackle box that allows you to organize your essential stuff to find more elegantly. This fishing backpack from the Piscifun brand also looks really stylish to carry fishing stuff without looking weird.

If you are looking for the best fishing tackle backpack from the Piscifun brand, read down below to find the supreme fishing tackle backpack review with pros and cons.

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack with 4 Trays

If you are a newbie fisherman who wants a fishing tackle backpack that lasts long, good in quality, and affordable, then the Piscifun waterproof dry bag backpack is your best bet. 


This fishing tackle backpack stands for a good while to fulfill your desires when going on a long fishing journey. On top of that, it appears with brilliant features that actually help in different ways. To find the key features, read down below:


Plenty of Space 

This fishing tackle backpack appears with 11 free pockets which are actually designed with solid quality SBS zippers. You see, these 11 pockets not only allow you to put things with more room but also secure the things with the protective zipper.

This fishing tackle backpack on top comes with uniquely designed 18 small different areas that allow you bigger rooms to store items when going on fishing.

Not only that, but this backpack also appears with 4 fishing tackle boxes that allow you to manage all the small stuff by carrying in each box to create bigger storing space.


Strong Construction 

This fishing tackle backpack on top is designed with good quality 1200D nylon fabrics that assure no damage against water or other things. This backpack on top is equipped with a KAM buckle and SBS zippers that are made of strong material that won’t break easily.

But wait, that is not all. This backpack on top has 86 sewing procedures that make sure you are getting stronger protection against crack or break. It also allows you longer-lasting value.


Good Dimension

It appears with a great dimension with 12.6 inches length, 7.9 inches width, and 17.7 inches height for getting a bigger area to easily find or store stuff. This fishing tackle backpack on top doesn’t give a bulky feel even if you have efficient use.


Comfortable Design

This fishing tackle backpack appears with a cozy design with a thick padded back that makes sure your shoulder to avoid shoulder stress even for a long time.

This cushion design allows your shoulder and back area to have cool air to pass through. On top of that, this padded design also makes sure breathable and adjustable fitting to get comfort while walking or sitting wearing it.

Also, this fishing tackle backpack comes with reflective strips that allow you good protection at night time or dark hours.


Quality Assurance 

The Piscifun brand comes with 1 year of quality assurance that gives you quality returns and restores benefits. They on top allow you to get this warranty service without spending bucks. 

What I Like About:

  • This fishing tackle backpack is super cozy to wear.

  • It appears with tons of storage for keeping most stuff.

  • For the money, it is hard to beat.

  • This package comes with 4 fishing trays.

  • It is waterproof for use in most weather. 

 What I Dislike About:

  • Some people find client service bad


Frequency Asked Questions

What to pack in a fishing backpack?

Many people ask as a beginner which stuff to pack in the fishing backpack. The simple rule is to pack each and everything that will be needed when casting bait or fishing such as fishing reel, trays, pocket scissors, and fish food, etc. 

You want to space down by filling the essential stuff. Besides, try to pack your lures, hooks, spares liners, and clean clothes, etc. 

What benefits of using its fishing tackle backpack?

This fishing tackle backpack is good stuff that will help you in your fishing journey for a long time. You definitely cannot pick all the essential stuff in a small space bag or paper bags as it will root you out by losing or skipping your things.

To fulfill this trouble, this bag is designed with care and quality materials with a good room to pick stuff whichever you want.

Is it comfortable to use?

This fishing tackle backpack is indeed one of the comfiest picks for fishers to carry stuff with no feeling of burden. For its brilliant design, it gives you more pockets to carry small stuff with big rooms. This fishing tackle backpack is also well-cushioned. 


When I was a newbie fisher, my first fishing tackle backpack was this one. This fishing tackle backpack is the nicest pick for any novice fisher to take any stuff no matter how much you need it’ll manage to fit perfectly.

It not only has good features to be with you for a long while but also allows you to use it for different purposes. And, I personally loved its design that goes with all occasions no matter where you are using it. Besides, this fishing tackle backpack doesn’t hurt the arms too.

On top of that, the weight and size of this fishing tackle backpack are super fine for fishing with a good feel. It is also good in most features.

So, wish you find yourself the ideal fishing tackle backpack and hope this Piscifun fishing tackle backpack guide helped you to find details for easy research. Done reading? Go buy it!

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